Brand Story

 Presenting BritishIndia, an era of racism, oppression, injustice and nice outfits” With this tongue-in-cheek copy; BritishIndia, the lifestyle brand, was launched. 

The Inspiration

Drawing from history is a rich source of creative inspiration, and the history of British India evokes an era of glamour, maharajahs, elephants, tigers and durbars.  A society’s romantic longing for the past has little to do with historical connections, but is grounded in a desire for beauty, elegance and style. At BritishIndia, this translates into timeless designs created with the philosophy of comfort and effortless dressing for both men and women in mind.

Our Values

Our vision is to develop high quality clothes for the tropics that are affordable to a discerning group. We believe that apparel should not just be about fashion: it is the merger of luxury and comfort, it is about living in the clothes, and it is about serious dressing that is effortless.  In other words, we design timeless clothing that problem solves for our lifestyle and figure, the kind you could wear year after year.

How We Deliver

Our design team is committed to creating quality and intelligently developed designs.  We match the best base fabric (e.g.,  Italian and Irish linens, Supima cotton) that we can possibly find with enduring values and superior workmanship. It is always going to be an evolutionary process. We aim to enrich what we have already accomplished and will always think of ways to make it better.